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Why DC Skee?

Why Skeeball?

Why DC Skee??

DC Skee is hands down the EASIEST and MOST FUN way to meet new people and make new friends in Washington DC. Skeeball is that childhood acrade game you used to play.

1) You don’t have to have any experience; most people have no idea how to play when they start in our league. Next thing you know they are experts.

2) Anyone can play!!! Regardless of your athletic ability or skills you WILL HAVE FUN IN OUR LEAGUE without breaking a sweat!!! ( NO SWEATING!!)

3) You will meet a ton of new people at the park and at the bar; everyone in each of our locations enjoy great specials at our sponsor bars after the games… YOU WILL MEET PEOPLE FROM OTHER TEAMS!!

4) You get to tell people you’re in a Skeeball League and that is AWESOME!!

5) If your team wins it all, you get a CHAMPIONSHIP GLASS along with other prizes and giveaways throughout the season.

6) DC Skee throws multiple parties each season and everyone from all the locations and nights is invited! EVEN MORE PEOPLE TO MEET!